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Latest News
4.5.2022 Server Offline Author: Crash

Server DBKO will be closed on 8th May 2022, all PACC will be frozen, more info will be released soon!

Regards, Support!

24.9.2021 Update v1.3.0 Author: Crash


server has been updated to v1.3.0 version, changelog is here.

18.9.2021 Update Announcement Author: Jacolos


just for you know, around Tuesday(21.09.2021), there will be an update with 2 important things:

1) Attack Speed rework - there will be more bands for skilling attack speed, esspecialy on higher skills, because max Attack Speed skill is around 200)

2) There will be added ki/melee modifiers to some EQ +/- %%



DBKO Support

14.9.2021 Update v1.2.0 Author: Jacolos



server has been updated to v1.2.0 version, changelog is here.


Server situation:

1) Guys we are doing what we can to fix the problems on the server, keep in mind that most of our team have normal jobs and we don't have that much time to fix problems on the server instantly, upon to fix problems we require restart to avoid some random crashes.


2) DBKO-R is something different than DBKO was before, don't get mad that game is "slower" because we just want this server to have a longer gameplay than it used to have and it's not that slow anyway, it's been just 10 days and look on the highscores.


3) Upon not everything is working like it should be, because we just couldn't test everything while we had testserver, because some things require normal gameplay style. Look on quality and server stability, since start there were 0 crashes or some unexpected instant restarts, game is very stable and it's just v1.


We are have plans for next updates with new content but we need weeks not days for implementing this.


We won't be restarting characters on this server so you shouldn't be in that rush, just take it easy.


About bans - Fenio/Mavius are just doing their job, we communicate you guys that bots and macros are not allowed anymore, because of that don't be surprise if you got ban if you were botting.

Game is stable and playable that's for sure, Fenio is making us a list of bugs but it's taking 1-3 days to fix them and on weekends head admins need some time off, we are just ppl like you.


PS. Saga Super 12+ is working correctly.



DBKO Support

10.9.2021 Houses Author: Jacolos



if you are the owner of the house, you have to paid rent every week for your house, system is taking money from the BANK.


Commands for banking are here:


!bank balance  

!bank deposit, XXXX  

!bank depositall  

!bank withdraw, XXXX  

!bank withdrawall  

!bank transfer, amount, toPlayer  


If you lost your house, your items should be deliever into mailbox in your DEPO.